Develop your Defenses Against Present Day Cyber Threats

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Key Features

Rapidly scale your cyber posture through the following:

Simulate people awareness and be prepared

UX first approach in implementing compliance policies

Tune into monitoring and alerts to keep abreast of issues

Leverage data analytics to grow your cyber posture

Platform Features


Governance is aligning standard policies, procedures & compliance frameworks to mitigate risk. Our platform offers policy templates your business can leverage, in alignment with regulatory and compliance standards, helping you to accelerate your business’s certification process.

Counter Phishing

Counter phishing is a preventive measure against social engineering threats. It is meant to ensure a safe email gateway, guard from malware injections, protect web browsing and secure endpoints. Our platform has the advantage of enabling your team to train your users against phishing attempts.


Our platform leverages the latest technologies to scan your infrastructure and surface issues that pose security concerns.