Cyber Risk is a
Major Business

Get scalable cyber security and relevant technology insurance solutions for your growing online business.

Intelligent Platform

Cyber Sierra's platform helps secure your business from constant threats and embeds insurance offerings with a compliance-first approach



Our platform with in-built tools assesses the cyber risk of your business.


Our experts help you to identify and resolve risk compliantly.


Our insurance partners provide comprehensive coverages

Your Cyber Risk Mitigated


Cybersecurity is a practice designed to protect systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. A successful approach in companies involves people, processes and technology working together in complementary ways to mount effective defense against attacks.

You can start by leveraging the following capabilities in our platform:


Run scans to surface vulnerabilities at a regular cadence and be in a position to fix issues proactively


Develop infosec policies to bolster organisational preparedness and compliance with apt frameworks


Run counter-phishing campaigns to train your team and receive reports about the level of readiness 


Detect misconfigurations in your cloud set up and receive alerts to take relevant action

Why Cyber Sierra?

We help you grow your cyber posture, and achieve a higher level of preparedness against threats, keeping in mind compliance needs of your business

Save time and cost 

Our platform helps you both develop your cyber posture and increase your coverage against key technology risks

Grow Compliance

Get in position to comply with regulatory frameworks like GDPR, PDPA, SOC2, HIPAA, CCPA, CDPA

Access to experts

Readily tap into industry expertise for help with forensics, legal and PR.