Safe Laptop Habits

86 percent of IT practitioners report that someone in their organization has had at least one laptop lost or stolen, with 56 percent of them reporting that this resulted in a data breach according to Securityboulevard.

Laptops are increasingly utilized by most organizations over traditional desktops due to their convenience and portability which also leads to increased cybersecurity risks. As an employee, here are a few safe laptop habits to adopt:
  1. Use strong passwords to login into the laptop and not share them with anyone or keep them on post-its.
  2. Do not leave laptops unattended in public places.
  3. Encrypt important files.
  4. Do not connect to unknown public WIFI.
  5. Update your laptop regularly with software and firmware updates.
  6. Avoid downloading suspicious files or clicking on suspicious links.
  7. Always sign out when finished with your work.
  8. Backup your devices regularly and consult with your organization if you can keep offline backups an external hard drive.
  9. In the event of any breaches or loss of a laptop, please report to the organization or file a complaint with the police to help you retrieve the laptop.

Data breaches or the loss of laptops have been proven to be expensive to an organization. It is important to maintain these habits consistently to best secure your laptops.

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